Plural wife dating

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“That seemed to us quite hard to get your head around for people who don't live in a polygamous community,” says Anderson, “but they invited Lydia so she could imagine how Enoch would be as a husband when she was having a child…

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We meet the Fosters: the family of Enoch, Bob’s son.

The cameras catch it all: the home-birth of Enoch’s 17th baby, the baptism of several of his children, and the inevitable tensions between his wives Katrina and Lilian.

Executive producer of the series Will Anderson explains that cameras were present at the home birth because Enoch Foster was courting a third wife, and inviting her to witness it acted as a sort of metaphor for how Mormons invite potential wives into their family.

Polygamy doesn’t have to mean one man and multiple women (polygyny.) It could mean polyandry (one woman, multiple men), or three or more men, or three or more women, or multiple men and multiple women.

Some forty years ago, in the desert just south of Moab, Utah, dynamite was used to blast caves into a sandstone cliff, leaving space to carve modern homes into the rock, and Rockland Ranch was born.

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