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Barrel date codes are here at the Remington Society, along with a good diagram of how to read them. Bye Jack Here's a couple I know about that might come in handy T/C Contenders 24 reference guide, drawings, or is a great firearm link filled with extremely good information, F, love the cross referance link, i had it book marked on my old computor but lost it when i got hit with a virus. more important now it will always be stuck on top here.

so why when it comes for dating Emirati girls that would be seem as a taboo !!

Some people say men have it easier, some say women have it easier, some say its the same. Both in dating, and the actual relationship part, who has it more difficult and who has an easier time, or how is it the same?

All I've read, people just state what they think but never back up what they are saying...

People are mindful of the cultures and traditions of the UAE.

We are after all, guests in your country are you still live in 80's or 90's ???

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