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•​ Two SI Swimsuit models star in Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' music video In a recent interview, Zayn said that he and Gigi are "good friends," but from the looks of a few steamy snaps on Instagram and this wildly intimate video, we're left to wonder if that's the truth.

Decide for yourself: Gigi may be one of our most gorgeous SI Swimsuit models of all time, but she's also adding a pretty sizable list of music video appearances to her ever-growing resume..we are NOT complaining.

"I'm grateful every day for my fans, who give me strength, freedom and independence.So, instead, I decided I'll post the prologue to see how you guys like it and try my best to continue updating whenever I can."This stupid mission couldn't have come at a worse time," Yusuke grumbled, strolling inside of Koenma's office with a frown."It's a bit too late for complaining, Yusuke.Seeing as we already completed the mission and retrieved the mirror of illusion," Kurama noted, his emerald eyes shifting over to the artifact."Well that's half the problem," Yusuke replied, juggling the mirror between his hands haphazardly.Thank you for believing in me, my music and my values." Qu's message in English and Chinese was shared on Thursday with her 1.5 million Sina Weibo followers.For the first time in Russia, the Th-U-Pb isochron and point ages of zircons with anomalous U, Th, Pb, Y, and REE contents were determined by chemical dating.

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