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If you are at times confused by your food-loving bae and just want to make them happy, here is a list of tips that will help you out.Whether it’s the cuisine or the restaurant, they already have it figured out in their head. If they take you to their favorite restaurant and you eat quickly without saying a word, they’ll probably take offense to it. She will plan her travel itineraries according to what she wants to eat. About that: she probably won't bother going to a place that has less than four stars. You can always ask her where to go and what to eat. There's a chicken-fried corn on the cob out there with her name on it. #wildfood #melinaphotos #lickingtheplate #Wild Food Love #alabama #healthyeating #foraging #morelmushrooms #Morels #fieldgarlic #shepherdspurse #hoarybittercress #violets #chickweed #redbud #blossoms #feedfeed #foodwinewomen #gatheringslikethese #foodie A post shared by 🔸[email protected](@melinahammer) on 3. And Pizza Hut's personal pan pizzas have the best crust ever. Take her to a baseball game and she will walk the whole stadium in search of the best meal. In other words, she is always learning about food and becoming more of an expert at eating every day. She knows how to do stuff like shuck oysters and open Champagne bottles. That’s the stuff great meet-cutes are made of, right?But life just doesn’t always shake out that way (or ever, really), which is why we really love the internet and its abundance of dating sites for dog lovers.

He'd be happy to have a peanut butter sandwich for dinner every night. Shopping trips ALWAYS begin with food, Friday night’s in come with snacks and they usually know the best places to eat.You never have to worry about eating an entire pizza to yourself while she pushes around a green salad and most importantly, when she offers to make you breakfast on a Sunday morning, she probably doesn’t mean muesli and tea.If they ask you where you want to go for dinner, they’re probably just trying to be nice. Look up, smile, and throw out a simple, “Wow you were right.These truffle fries are dope.” The angles, shapes, and colors make them very happy.

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