Dating day

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(The site also offers a separate service to arrange dates for couples looking to keep their relationships fun once they’ve settled down.) But why would January 5th be the peak day for prospective daters, and not the 1st? Mark your calendars, as peak season for online dating is going on right here, right now.

Both these scenarios might explain why dating site Match has predicted that overall dating activity will be 37% higher than usual today.

But with the quirky videos of them sitting stoically in chairs while paint is dripped on their heads (seemingly apropos of nothing but maybe I just don’t get ART), and unnecessary typography gifs sprinkled throughout the posts, it all smacks of something just south of sincerity.

In the early posts there’s a lot of talk about whether or not their relationship is “real.” Is it still real if it’s not physical?

So you’d better make those messages worth replying to, hmm?

And if you’re a straight female/gay guy who never usually starts the conversation?

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